Nel cuore di Cefalù, sotto la rocca, la piazza centrale cittadina è dominata dalla grande Basilica Cattedrale della Trasfigurazione, più comunemente chiamata Cattedrale o Duomo di Cefalù.

E' spesso sotto i nostri occhi, ma quanto ne sappiamo?

It's often on our watch, do we know enough about it?



Fontana Pretoria (Fontana della Vergogna)

Ordinary man or hero?

La "pasta chî sardi" (pasta con le sarde) è uno dei piatti più tradizionali e amati nel palermitano e in tutta la Sicilia.

Scopri cosa la natura possa offrire! Find out what nature has to offer!

Dolci moderni? no, meglio la tradizione!
Modern sweets? no, traditionals are better

Capolavori di Piazza Bellini: capitolo 1
Artworks in Piazza Bellini:  chapter 1

Ancora una volta l'impronta degli arabi è giunta fino a noi!
Once again Arab's sign arrived us!

Unfortunately few information about the great workforce that built the basis of the current building is known.

La pasta con i broccoli rappresenta sicuramente una pietra miliare nel mondo della gastronomia siciliana. A detta delle nostre nonne, un vero e proprio cult insieme alla pasta al forno o con le sarde.
Prediletto in versione arriminata piuttosto che bollito, il broccolo, conosciuto come cavolfiore al di fuori della nostra amata Palermo, costituisce l’elemento centrale di questa ricetta. 

The recipe is still the same, the result?
Always different, always stunning! Here the outcome of cultural mixing!

Basically cuccia is a Sicilian dessert made of cooked wheat; the name has origin from “coccio”, namely grain.

Are you curious to find out one of the many mysterious and fascinating places in Palermo, where the sacred and the profane intertwined over the centuries? Then you can't miss this story.

And finally, today we are going to talk about a local sweet. I know, this is what you came for. Well then, shall we start? 

Carved out of the rock, in the darkness of earth and hidden from frenetic life and traffic jams: Catacombs of Porta d’Ossuna, an impressive example of the first Christianity in Siciliy.

Can you smell it? Can you see it? It looks like a burger bun (panino da burger), but much more seductive. Can you get what I mean? We are getting closer… Exactly that soft kind of bread. Here we are, it comes only for you: muffuletta, muffulettu, moffoletta. Three variations to indicate the same subject.

A humble look, a stiff consistency and a delicate flavour blended together to create a delicious hymn to the goodness and richness of the Sicilian tradition. 

The SS. Salvatore Church is located in the historic center of Palermo, looking out over Cassaro road (nowadays Corso Vittorio Emanuele), in the district Royal Palace, near the Cathedral; it is an unmissable destination for seekers of hidden baroque "gems" in the city.

ah those variegated colours, those satureted flavours and those wrapping and sometimes stinging fragrances from Palermo's marketplaces and  indigents' tradition: such a frame full of powerful characters! Need an example? Musso and carcagnolo salad!